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The Metro-ILA Fringe Benefit Fund successfully kicked off its first “Health & Wellness Day” at N.Y.C.T. / Island Securing on June 29, 2011. The event is part of a campaign to promote good health and disease prevention for all Metro-ILA members and their families. The Fund is planning a series of Health and Wellness Days to be held at other Metro-ILA employer sites beginning in September.


Fifty-five of N.Y.C.T.’s Metro-ILA employees participated in the day’s events. A professional Medical Staff was on hand to offer Free Wellness Screenings, including a Full Blood Workup, where many potentially serious conditions are best identified and addressed.


Basic Wellness measurements (glucose levels, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, etc.) were also offered. Participation was voluntary and test results were 100% confidential.


Blood Pressure

Metro-ILA and Cigna Plan representatives helped members with questions about benefit coverage, claims issues, and finding primary care physicians and/or specialists. Additionally, informational brochures and free giveaways were distributed.


Three certified Massage Therapists offered neck and shoulder “Chair Massages” while members waited to get their Wellness Screenings.


Finally, a drawing for $500 in Gas and Gift Cards was held (5 cards at $100 each), as an added incentive for employees to sign up to have a full blood work up performed.  


The management of N.Y.C.T. and the Officers of ILA Local 1814 enthusiastically supported the event and applaud Metro-ILA for this groundbreaking initiative in our industry. Metro-ILA is especially gratified that it was able to conduct a direct outreach to employees in their workplace, with virtually no disruption to daily operations.


The Trustees of the Metro-ILA Funds, the campaign’s sponsors, are committed to help plan participants see the value of scheduling annual checkups and Wellness visits as an investment in their job and family’s security. This will go a long way to prevent and treat medical conditions before they become catastrophic, costly, and life-threatening.


“It was truly a united effort,” said Joe Ragusa, Funds’ Administrator. “Management, the ILA, and the Funds all worked together for the health and well-being of our Metro-ILA plan members and they clearly appreciated it. Everyone came out a winner!”

Massages Registration

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